Haircuts you should definitely try out

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Haircuts you should definitely try out
Haircuts you should definitely try out

20 Dec 2020: Haircuts you should definitely try out

One of the things that quarantine took away from us is the privilege of going to salons for a haircut.

With the world slowly opening up with necessary restrictions, it is time to get those tresses trimmed and styled.

Since this entire year has been unpredictable, make bold choices with your hair, too. Here are some trendy haircuts that you should try in 2020.

Bangs: Bangs and fringes are back

Bangs are back in style. It has found favor with celebrities on and off, but the quarantine has pulled this style into the mainstream.

If you have never tried it before, this is the time to experiment. You can go for the side-swept bangs, curtain fringes, long bangs, or any other variation.

An additional tip: getting baby bangs is pretty risky.

Shorter pixies: Shorter pixie cuts are super stylish, and in trend

Are you bored of your long tresses and have been thinking of chopping them off but have been hesitant?

Well, this is the best time to finally try a shorter hairdo since the pandemic has meant being indoors a lot.

Try a variation of the pixie cut, like an asymmetrical cut, a stylish undercut, feathered layers, etc. Add highlights for that extra punch.

Medium bobs: Medium bob hairstyles are manageable and chic

Medium bob cuts add a hint of glamour and are super easy to manage. Almost every celebrity has sported this bob at one time or another as it has an oomph factor.

Bob cuts have different variations, too. They can be wavy, straight, shaggy, sleek, asymmetrical, symmetrical, and many more. You are bound to look gorgeous, irrespective of the bob you choose.

Layers: Give a kick to the mundane long hair with layers

If you have healthy long hair, then is no harm in keeping it like that. To make it more fashionable, go for layered haircuts.

A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and is easier to style. Get long layers at the back and graded layers for framing the face.

You can also balance these layers with long bangs.