Haircut using giant shears goes viral: 'Big job, big scissors'

Mandy Velez
Contributing Writer
Photo: @desmarrepaul/Instagram

“Big job, big scissors.” That’s the motto of stylist Paul Desmarre — and it’s not just a metaphor. When clients who want a big change come into the Los Angeles, Calif.-based Larisa Love Salon, he literally uses big ribbon-cutting-type scissors to make the experience more exciting and fun for the client.

Photo: Kendal Fedail

Kendal Fedail, 19, recently got her locks lopped off with the massive scissors. Over the last five years, Fedail’s hair had grown down to her waist. While at Nordstrom, the freelance makeup artist noticed a woman with an amazing lob haircut and realized that she was ready for a change. She passed by Desmarre’s salon frequently, and after researching his work, she decided to give him a shot.

The result was not only a chic haircut, but an epic video to go along with it.

Desmarre, who has been a stylist for 10 years, used the big scissors to cut off Fedail’s hair in two swoops, and he recently a video of it to Instagram. Salon owner Larisa Love also shared the video, which has since racked up more than 3 million views.

“I love transformations,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I don’t do it for myself. I do it for the client. I want to give them the best transformation they can.”

Photo: Kendal Fedail

He says that he’s used the big scissors only three times in the past six months, and Fedail was more than happy to try them out. With her sister filming, Fedail watched as Desmarre cut off about 15 inches of her hair, which she decided to donate to Locks of Love. Because her hair was so long, cutting with scissors that big didn’t have a negative impact on her cut at all. Sometimes, other stylists will use the scissors too, including Love herself.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the look, with some noting that they had anxiety watching it — but others were all about it. “Ahhhh love it!! That’s the best way to do it,” someone wrote.

Photo: Kendal Fedail

Most important, Fedail loves her new look, which Desmarre also touched up with layers and balayage.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten my hair cut and not cried,” she says.

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