Hailey Bieber Recalls the Cute Story of Her First Kiss With Justin Bieber and It's Sure to Melt Your Hearts! (Watch Video)

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The Biebers, Justin and Hailey have been making sure to stay connected with their fans amid this lockdown through their virtual show The Biebers on Watch on Facebook. In the show, the duo have been getting candid about their relationship and marriage and it has been a rare insight for fans wh can't wait to get some more deets about their life. In one of their recent episodes, we saw Justin and Hailey talking about their first date after a fan asked about the same in their 'Ask Anything' session.  Hailey Baldwin Opens Up About Being Compared With Justin Bieber’s Exes.

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The duo recalling their first date also spoke about the first time they kissed and it's one hell of a cute story. Hailey revealing deets of their first date said, "He asked me to go get sushi with him and I called my parents to ask them if I could go and they said no. They were like absolutely not, you’re not going to hang out with Justin by yourself, that’s not happening." She further revealed how her sister covered for her and eventually, she went on the date. It was the same date that Justin and Hailey shared their first kiss, she said, "We were just hanging and we went back to watch a movie and we kissed."Justin Bieber Opens Up About Intimacy and Getting Physical in a Relationship, Says 'Sex Can Be Confusing' (Watch Video).

Check Out Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber's Ask Anything Session Here:

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The duo have been having a fun time with each other amid quarantining at their Canada home. From TikTok dance videos to romantic selfies, we've seen it all how the duo are enjoying each other's company. Recently, Justin was also seen doing Hailey's makeup in one of their live sessions and even did an excellent job.