If you had invested in these 15 stocks last year, you would be richer today

It is a known fact that betting on right stocks at right time can make you rich. Given the market's rapid climb last year, the bets looked even more promising last year.

Benchmark index BSE Sensex rose 13 per cent over last one year and there are companies, which have generated as much as 600 per cent return in last one year. Here we have tried to find out which 15 stocks would have increased your wealth the most in last one year.

If you would have invested Rs 1 lakh in Indiabulls Ventures on August 22, 2016, it would have become Rs 7 lakh last week, and would have give a return of 600 per cent.

Out of BSE listed companies with market capitlisation of more than Rs 1000 crore, for which share price data was available as on August 17, 2017 or August 18, 2017, 64 companies more than doubled investor's income in last one year.

Apart from these multi-bagger stocks, there were companies which reduced investor's money by up to 2/3rd of the invested value. Religare Enterprises gave negative returns of 75 per cent in last one year.

Monotype India, Sintex Industries, Satin Creditcare Network, Reliance Communications and Divis Laboratories were other set of sinking stocks which ate way over 50 per cent of the investor's money. Including the names mentioned, there are 111 companies which gave negative returns of more than 10 per cent in last one. Hope you did not fall prey to such stocks.

(The data for this story has been taken from Ace Equity and we have considered companies with market capitalization of more than Rs 1000 crore.)