Hacking group Ghost Shell posts 1.6m log-in details on web

London, Dec 12 (ANI): A notorious hacking group named Ghost Shell has reportedly posted log-in details from 1.6 million accounts online.

The group gathered the data during a series of attacks on NASA, the FBI, the European Space Agency and many other government agencies and contractors.

Included in the dump were log-in names, passwords, email addresses and CVs, plus the contents of online databases, the BBC reports.

The group said it had sent messages to security bosses about 150 insecure servers it had targeted in the attacks.

In a statement posted to the Pastebin website, Ghost Shell said the attacks were part of its #ProjectWhiteFox campaign to promote freedom of information online.

The data stolen was posted on several different sites to stop it being swiftly found and deleted. (ANI)