Hachiko of Argentina: 6-year-old Labrador keeps on waiting for dead master outside hospital

Shubham Ghosh

Buenos Aires, March 18: We have all heard about Hachiko, a Japanese Akito dog which had set up a legendary tale of loyalty by waiting outside a railway station for nine years for its owner to return even though he was dead. Now, a similar tale has evolved from another part of the world - Argentina where a Labrador was seen waiting out a hospital for over a week, waiting for its dead owner to come back.

Six-year-old Toto stayed outside the door of Pablo Soria Hospital in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, waiting for its owner to return, Daily Mail reported. The owner never returned though before dying, he wanted to meet Toto so that he could say one final goodbye, a local report said.

The owner is now dead since a week and Toto was still seen waiting outside the hospital door. The owner's relatives did not take the canine with them and a local animal protection organisation is now looking for a new owner who can adopt Toto.

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It was also said on behalf of the organisation that Toto had to be kept in a close house to stop him from going to the hospital again for his dead master.

The dog also had injured paws and needed a surgery. He was treated by veterinary doctors.

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