Habitable planets will mostly be covered in water, say researchers

Nupur Jha
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A new study claims that habitable planets will mostly be water worlds which lack dry land. Around 90 percent of the surface area will be covered by oceans.

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This discovery was made by researchers of University of Barcelona, Spain. They have created a statistical model, which is based on Bayesian probability, to predict the ratio of water and land that can aid the existence of life.

The researchers analysed Earth closely and found that 71 percent of its area is covered with water. They believe that right balance between presence of land and sea on Earth is the key factor supporting advanced life forms on the planet.

The researchers also found that habitable planets would be covered with 90 percent of water and lack dry land.

"A scenario in which Earth holds less water than most other habitable planets would be consistent with results from simulations," the lead researcher of the study, Dr Fergus Simpson, was quoted as saying by The Economics Times.

"It could help explain why some planets have been found to be a bit less dense than we expected," Dr Simpson added.

According to Dr Simpson, the balance of life on Earth has been a mystery and he believes anthropic principle to be one of the explanations.

Anthropic principle refers to a philosophical consideration, according to which the observations of universe must be compatible with the sapient life that observes it.

As per researchers, the unique ratio of water and land on Earth could be another example needed for the existence of intelligent life, Science World Report reported.