H-1B Visa: Twitter Files Amicus Brief Challenging the New Rules, Says it 'Will Stifle the Ability of American Companies to Hire and Retain Global Talent'

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San Francisco, October 31: Twitter, on Saturday, wrote on its public policy handle that it has filled an amicus brief against the changes in H-1B visa eligibility proposed by the Donald Trump administration. It added that the rules will effect the US companies' ability to employee "global talents." The tweet said, "Today we joined industry peers and numerous organizations in filing an amicus brief that supports a legal challenge to block upcoming rule changes to H-1B visa eligibility. These rules will stifle the ability of American companies to hire and retain global talent." New H1-B Visa Rules: Here's All You Need To Know About The Fresh Decisions Made by Donald Trump Ahead of US Election 2020.

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It added, "Not only is the H-1B visa program critical to driving American economic growth and innovation, it also enhances our diversity as a company and as a nation. We’ll continue our strong advocacy on this issue." Donald Trump Administration's New H1-B visa Rules Likely to Shave-Off Indian IT Companies Profit Margins by up to 5.80 Percent: Report.

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Apart from Twitter Inc, 46 other USA companies have filled the amicus brief to support a legal challenge that aims at blocking the upcoming rule changes to the H-1B visa eligibility. These includes Apple, Amazon.com, Facebook Inc, Google LLC, Microsoft Corporations, LinkedIn among others. The Trump administration introduced new set of restrictions on the H-1B Visa programme , that allows visa petition only to qualified beneficiaries.