H-1B Visa: Canada Opens Doors For Skilled Indian Workers, Pegged to Overtake US

Team Latestly
'The U.S. has no plans to place caps on H-1B work visas for nations that force foreign companies to store data locally,' said a statement issued by the State Department.

Bengaluru, April 25: Canada is soon becoming the go-to destination for skilled Indian IT workers, after the US is making norms tougher for H-1 B visa holders. A large number of technology professionals on H-1B visas in the US are Indians. The US offers 85,000 H-1B visas every year. However, under President Donald Trump, US has been adding additional riders and conditions on the H-1B visa holders. Infosys Blames H1B Visa Denials For High Employee Attrition.

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The Canadian government has set a target to invite 3,10,000 new permanent residents in 2018 and 3,30,000 in 2019, said a report in The Economic Times. The Canadian government's ‘Building a Nation of Innovators’ report said that 40,833 jobs and 3,625 applications have been approved. The data relates to  high-skilled immigrants as of November 2018. H1B New Rule: White House Receives Proposal to End Work Authorisation for Spouses of Visa Holders.

Software workers are now opting to work in Canada and showing their preference for the country, despite them having an option to stay in the US, said a report. Besides, tech companies are also opening more offices in Canada. Though the average pay in Canada is less than the US, software professionals are making a beeline to work in Canada as immigration process is simpler and hassle free.

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