This guy’s Instagram captions about his girlfriend are making the internet collectively swoon

College student Jake Hanson’s captions about his girlfriend, Amanda Smoltz, are super sweet. (Photo: Instagram/Jake Hanson)

One college couple is providing relationship inspiration to even the most cynical among us. The love-focused Twitter account @Flirtationship tweeted a series of screenshots from the Instagram of Jake Hanson, your new crush. Hanson’s adorable photo captions describing his girlfriend are giving John Legend and Ansel Elgort a run for their money. 

Jake is a lacrosse player at Georgia Tech, dating his high school sweetheart, Amanda Smoltz. He definitely wants you to know about it. The couple have known each other for two years, Hanson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, but they’ve only been officially dating for a few months.

Their relationship actually began in part as long-distance, when Amanda was traveling for the summer. “So what I did is I wrote her a letter for every single day she was gone, and on the envelope I would write the day and time she should open it,” explained Jake.

Some of his sweeter photo captions include, “She gets real excited over chocolate covered pretzels and it makes me laugh” and “Still haven’t caught my breath,” to describe photos of Amanda.

While (we hope) gushing about your significant other is an everyday occurrence for happy couples, the internet is swooning over Jake. 

Hanson says the internet buzz has gotten him some new social media followers, but he’s not onboard with the idea of getting accolades just for being nice to his girlfriend.

“My overall sentiment toward the whole situation is kind of sadness,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “In my personal opinion, those captions were not anything special, and nothing to go crazy over. Every girl deserves a guy that will post silly, cheesy captions about them; but more than that, every girl deserves someone that will love and guard their heart, and that’s something that I strive for every day.”

Will all the attention cause Jake to back off shouting about his love for Amanda? It doesn’t look that way: “I love to shout her out because I want her to feel appreciated, and I love showing her off,” he says. Aww.

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