Gurugram: Restaurants, pubs alter entry routes to avoid alcohol ban imposed by Supreme Court

Shubhang Chauhan
Nearly 150 bars in the IT hub of India are facing the brunt of Supreme Court's order.

Gurugram, April 5: The bars and restaurants in Gurugram are changing entry routes to avoid the 500-metre liquor ban implemented by the Supreme Court of India. By taking this strategy into account the distance will be more than 500 metres and thus the top court’s rule will not be violated.

As per the approved plan of town and country planning, this will fall in the vicinity of violation.  Many developers believe that there is no other way around to avoid the SC ban, reported Hindustan Times. On this, the excise department was scheduled to measure the distance of restaurants, bars, and pubs. The developer of the Ambience mall in Gurugram has shut the entrance which leads to the Leela Ambience Hotel and now the visitors will have to drive around for entering into the hotel compound.

Sanjay Lal, a member of the Residential Welfare of Association (RWA) executive committee regarding this stated that his committee has already filed a complaint with the city police and DTCP, but so far there is no outcome. He also said that fast moving cars and other traffic woes are a bit of concern as it moves in front of his complex and due to this elders and children can’t use the road.

With this new rule of SC more than 150 bars in the IT hub of India are facing the brunt.

Apex court’s December 2016 verdict had ordered the closure of liquor shops on state highways and national highways. The apex court had set April 1 as the deadline to ensure all such shops on all highways are shut. The licences of liquor shops on highways won’t be renewed after April 1. The Supreme Court last Friday modified its order banning liquor vends within 500 metres on national and state highways, reducing the distance to 220 metres in areas having a population of up to 20,000. The apex court, however, made it clear that its December 15, 2016 order banning such vends within 500 metres of highways shall remain operative for other areas.