Gurgaon: Teenager shoots school principal over 'insult'

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Gurgaon: Teenager shoots school principal over 'insult'

A commerce student of Class 12 allegedly shot his principal in her office on the campus in Yamuna Nagar.

Teen terror once again struck a school campus in Haryana on Saturday. A commerce student of Class 12 allegedly shot his principal in her office on the campus in Yamuna Nagar.

He killed the principal as he wanted to take revenge for the alleged insult she inflicted on him in front of his class.

This is the second incident of murder inside a school in Haryana in the last five months.

The crime is reminiscent of the murder at Gurgaon's Ryan School where a student has been accused of killing a boy at a restroom as he wanted the institute to call off an exam.

In a similar incident, on Tuesday, a Class 1 student was stabbed in his school toilet in Lucknow by a senior girl student. The seven-year-old victim is now battling for his life.

The accused, Shiwansh, turned 18 just a couple of days ago, on January 18.

The incident took place at Swami Vivekanand Public School around 11.30 am. Shiwansh arrived at the school on his bike, parked it and walked straight to the principal's office firing indiscriminately at her.

Chabra received three gunshot injuries in her chest and stomach. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared her brought dead.

"As soon as he entered the office, he fired at Principal Ritu Chabra who was sitting in her chair. The accused did not give her any chance to hide behind the table," said a school employee.

Hearing gunshots, teachers locked the doors of the classrooms in fear and did not allow students to leave.

The school staff rushed towards the principal's office. Shiwansh, by then, had run away from the office carrying the gun in his hand and headed towards the school gate.

Some senior however, students chased him and he was eventually caught. He was running fast towards the gate in a bid to flee from the spot with the pistol in his hand.

Some parents present at the spot were scared by the incident.

"The students chasing him managed to overpower him. Since I was on my bike, I helped the students in catching him," said a parent, requesting anonymity.

They snatched the pistol from him and beat him up before handing him over to the police.

According to Yamuna Nagar SP Rajesh Kalia, the accused was angry with principal Ritu Chabra as she had caught him several times misbehaving with and harassing other students inside the school premises.

His attendance was also poor and schoolteachers had complained to his parents several times in the past.

"Shiwansh was a short-tempered student and often indulged in arguments. He even fought with fellow students.

"Since Chabra had warned him several times in front of his classmates, he felt insulted and wanted to take revenge," said Kalia.

"The accused stole the licensed pistol of his father Ranjeet Kumar alias Sanjay to commit the crime. Ranjeet, a property dealer and financier, was also arrested under the Arms Act," said Kalia.