This Gully Boy-inspired video by ‘Rap Nani’ has been rated ‘Bohot Hard’ by Ranveer Singh

Rap Nani is winning hearts with her adorable rapping style.

Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy ruled at the box office, inspired memes and has political parties tweaking its songs for their campaigns. But what it has also done is inspire a woman to come up with her own version of a song from the film that has been rated ‘Bohot Hard’ even by the film’s star Ranveer Singh.

The woman, who identified herself only as ‘Rap Nani’, sings to the tune of the film’s lead single ‘Aapna Time Aayega’ with some alterations made to the lyrics to make it a comment about society. "Kaisa yeh zamana hai, aadmi deewana hai (what is this era, people are crazy)," she sings, with one line that says: "System hi kharab ha. (the system is bad)"

Shared by Singh on both Instagram and Twitter, the actor lauded ‘Rap Nani’, with a caption that simple said: "Aunty G".

With over 2.4 million views on Instagram alone in less than 24 hours, the video was appreciated not just the actor’s fans but other celebrities as well, including the film’s director Zoya Akhtar. On Twitter, Bollywood buffs enjoyed it too.

The identity of the woman remains unknown for now.