Gulab Jamun Pav? After Pizza, This Sweet Vada Pav is Every Foodie's Worst Nightmare

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Vada Pav is a finger food that is relished with equal fervour throughout India, especially in Maharashtra. Now, a new fusion vada pav with gulab jamun stuffing in it is leaving netizens stunned and surprised. It is difficult for people on social media to believe how the snack will taste with sweet flavour of gulab jamun in it.

Pav is served with spicy vada and is a quick snack available at eateries but a picture shared by a Twitter user shows gulab jamun stuffed in pav.

People with a sweet tooth would not mind trying gulab jamun pav but people who swear by vada pav would surely not be happy with the ‘sweet’ form of the snack. Some were eager to taste gulab jamun pav but others detested the idea of giving the savory snack a sweeter twist.

Since being shared, the picture gulab jamun pav has received 170 likes and has been re-tweeted over 40 times.

A number of people took to the comment section to react on the picture of gulab jamun pav. While some called the combination horrible and expressed their reaction through meme, others said they would like to try it once.

This is not the first time that gulab jamun has been used as a fusion. Earlier, the sweet dish was used in pizza and became famous as gulab jamun pizza.