Gujarat minister calls Rahul Gandhi ‘puppy’, says he ‘wags his tail before Pak, China’

Ganpat Vasava is an MLA from Surat’s Mangrol and the Minister for Forests and Environment. (Source: Twitter/@Ganpatsinhv)

Gujarat Minister Ganpat Vasava Saturday compared Congress president Rahul Gandhi to ‘a puppy of a dog’ who ‘wags his tail before Pakistan and China’.

Vasava, who was campaigning in the tribal area of Dediapada in Narmada for BJP’s four-term sitting MP Mansukh Vasava, said everyone knows that Narendra Modi was the only suitable Prime Minister for India. He also urged the voters to see the difference between Rahul and Modi.

Vasava said in Gujarati, "Kone pan pucho ki aa be maa thi vadapradhan kon chale toh tarat j angdi unchi Karine bole Narendra bhai j chale. Narendra bhai ubhu thaay to aapan ne thay ki Gujarat nu sinh ubhu thayu chhe, Ane Rahul Gandhi khurchi ma thi ubhu thaay to … Pelu kutra nu galudio ubhu thaay Ane punchdi phakpakaye… Ke jene Pakistan wala ek roti nakhi de to e Chali jaay and Cheen wala ek roti nakhi de to bhi Chali jaay. Ane apda wala to Pakistan ma jayi dhokla banavi ne avi jaay. Chappan na chati walo nai pann ek so ne chappan na chati walo vadapradhan chhe mitro. (You ask anyone who out of the two should be the Prime Minister. They will say Narendrabhai (Modi) is the only one that fits. When Narendra bhai rises from a chair, we feel like the lion of Gujarat has stood up. But when Rahul Gandhi rises from a chair, (it’s like) the puppy of a dog is standing up and wagging his tail; even if Pakistan throws bread, he is happy and even if China throws bread, he is happy. And our man (Narendra Modi) enters Pakistan, makes a dholka and comes back. He is not a Prime Minister with 56′ chest but with 156′ chest)."

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While his jibe at Rahul Gandhi did not earn much applause from the audience, Vasava went on to remind the audience about the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PMKISAN), under which the beneficiaries have received Rs 2,000 since February. He said, "The first Rs 2,000 was a gift for Holi. Now the next installment that you will get is a gift for elections before the voting day."

Ganpat Vasava was campaigning in the tribal area of Dediapada in Narmada for BJP’s Mansukh Vasava.

Vasava, who is an MLA from Surat’s Mangrol and the Minister for Forests and Environment, told the tribals that they must not fear due to the SC ruling for eviction of tribals from forest areas. He said, "Anyone dare touch you, forget evicting you from your forest. We are standing in between them and you and we will protect you as we always have. So don’t worry about anything and do not pay heed to anyone misleading you by instilling fear," he said.

Mansukh Vasava, who is campaigning for his fifth possible term from the Bharuch parliamentary constituency, ran down the presence of the Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP) head Chhotu Vasava, who is also contesting from the seat. "He has never won a Lok sabha election and he will not win this time either. The lamp flutters with the brightest and tallest flame just before it goes off. That’s the case with the BTP and Chhotu as well," Mansukh said.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has reportedly condemned Vasava’s statement against Gandhi, and urged him not to resort to indecent language in the heat of the moment.