Gujarat Govt Admits in HC There is Shortage of Beds, Injections and Manpower in State

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The Gujarat government has admitted in the high court during the hearing of suo moto that there is a shortage of beds and injections in the State. "We have never said that everything is good, we are constantly trying to do good," the Advocate General of Gujarat said. The government has acknowledged there is a shortage of manpower, too.

There are several reports of unavailability of hospital beds in the State. In reality, there are hours of waiting for ambulance 108. Oxygen is faltering and entire health services have come on the 'ventilator'. There are even reports of patients who do not have the aadhaar card from Ahmedabad are now going to ‘die’ due to the erratic decision of the Ahmedabad Municipality.

The government’s claim that there is only 38 minutes of waiting for 108 is vague

The government had said in the affidavit that there was only a 38-minute wait for 108 ambulances across the State, while in reality there was a long wait of hours. In contrast, the helpline provided to a Corona patient for hospital admission is found to have a 24-hour waiting period. Despite reports in the media that many patients have died due to non-availability of 108 ambulances, the Gujarat government claims that everything is safe.

Oxygen unavailable in 32 hospitals in Ahmedabad city yesterday

In the meantime, if the media reports of Ahmedabad to be believed, there were reports that oxygen was missing in 32 hospitals of Ahmedabad city. According to the report, cylinders were rushed to hospitals in Ahmedabad including Shifa, Savior, Singhu, Pushpa, ABMC.

Only if you have aadhaar card from Ahmedabad, you can be admitted in AMC hospital

In a bizarre decision, only those patients who have aadhaar card with Ahmedabad address will get admission in the Ahmedabad Municipal counsel managed hospitals. Those who live in Ahmedabad, but have aadhaar card from other cities will have to seek treatment at other civil hospitals, or private hospitals on their own. The big question remains why this discrimination.

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