Gujarat Girl is Real-Life Rapunzel with 6.2 Foot Long Hair, Makes it to Guinness World Records

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Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat got her name registered in the Guinness World Records having the longest hair among teenagers.

Nilanshi, who is now 17, had earlier set the record for the same in 2018, with 170.5 centimeters long hair.

The official account of Guinness World Records took to social media to share the news. “Longest hair on a teenager record holder Nilanshi Patel from India was recently remeasured her lengthy locks now reach 190 cm (6 ft 2.8 in)!” the caption read.

The picture showed Nilanshi flaunting her long locks, which were spread like sunrays, with the Guinness Certificate by her side.

Earlier, in an interview in Allure magazine, Nilanshi talked about how she maintains the health of her long hair.“My mother helps me with it. I never had a problem caring for my hair,” she had said.

She also revealed that she applies homemade oil on her scalp. The oil is prepared by her mother with “secret ingredients”.

Nilanshi added that her long hair hasn’t stopped her from doing any activity, be it playing sports or taking out time to study.