Gujarat development model about snatching lands and rights of the poor: Rahul Gandhi


Amreli, (Gujarat), Apr. 26 (ANI): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's Gujarat model is all about snatching the rights and lands of farmers and giving them away to big businessmen like Gautam Adani. "He (Modi) gave 45,000 acres of land of the farmers to one businessman for rupees 1 per square meter. Earlier, there was Sushma Swaraj, Yashwant Sinha, and Jaswant Singh in the BJP, but now on one side there is Modi, and on the other there is Adani," said Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Amreli. "The model is all about snatching the rights and lands of farmers and giving them away to such businessmen. We are not saying that there is no need to help businessmen, but helping them by snatching away the lands of the poor is not called development," he said. "We (Congress) spoke about land rights and changed the 100-year-old bill. Earlier, land used to be snatched away from poor farmers within two minutes in the country, just like it is happening in Gujarat now," he added. He further said that according to Modi, he alone was responsible for bringing change in Gujarat. "They (BJP) talk about India shining. He (Modi) says I have changed Gujarat, I have made things better, and it is always me, me and me for him. Not the people of Gujarat, not the women of Gujarat, not the police of Gujarat, but me," Gandhi said. "He says that he has provided milk to the whole country. Not the women of Amreli or any other place in Gujarat, but he alone milked all the cows of Gujarat and gave it to the people, is that what it means?" he asked. "He says that for the past sixty years nothing had happened in Gujarat and in a few years he came and changed everything. He asks people to make him the guard of India just like he guarded Gujarat, but everyone knows how he guarded the state," he added. He also said that Modi should read about Saradar Vallabhai Patel before talking of building a statue in his honour. "I think he has not heard about Sardar Patel. Modi was with the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) for a long time, and according to Sardar Patel, it was a poisonous organization with an equally poisonous ideology, which could ruin the nation," said Gandhi. "Modi has worked all his life for the reason for which Sardar Patel gave up his life and now that the situation has arisen, he is saying that he will construct his statue. At least he should read about Sardar Patel before doing or saying such things," he said. "Even Mahatma Gandhi always taught people to be honest and true in their lives but the BJP cannot sleep at night if they do not lie at least five times in the day," he added. He also said that the ongoing election was a fight between two ideologies. "This is a fight of two ideologies. On one hand the Congress talks about development, harmony and brotherhood and on the other hand the BJP wants to work for a few selected businessmen," Gandhi said. "They say that India's future was shining during their time but the shine was only in the houses of the rich and selected," he added. (ANI)