Gujarat: 40 doctors, including Padma awardees, join BJP

Newly inducted BJP members pose with state party president Jitu Vaghani. Express

AROUND 40 renowned doctors from Gujarat, on Tuesday, joined BJP in the presence of state party president Jitu Vaghani at party headquarters, Shri Kamalam. The doctors joined the party during the ongoing enrolment drive of the party.

Some renowned names in the field who joined BJP include Padma awardees, cardiologist Dr Tejas Patel and neurologist Dr Sudhir Shah. Other noted doctors include cancer surgeon Dr Kaustubh Patel, eye surgeon Dr Ashish Nagpal, spine surgeon Dr Arvind Gosai, and cardiologist Dr Samir Dani.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Sudhir Shah said that he felt very proud about joining BJP, adding that the party s ideology is that of protecting the country s sovereignty, legacy of dharma, spiritualism and culture. Shah also hailed the recent decision of the central government to remove the special status of Jammu & Kashmir as an unprecedented development.

Dr Tejas Patel expressed similar feelings and said that he had heard and read a lot about the freedom struggle and people s enthusiasm then. At the time, Patel said, two Gujarat leaders – Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel – were leading the country.

Again after 72 years, he added, two leaders from Gujarat – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah – are handling the affairs of the cousntry, proving that the land of Gujarat still has the same essence.

He further called the decision of the Centre to remove the special status of J&K as bold and said that it seems like a daydream. Gujarat BJP president Jitu Vaghani said that it is a proud moment for the party that such renowned doctors openly support its ideology.