Guj: 8 people killed since Apr, 11 leopards trapped in 3 weeks

Ahmedabad, Nov 17 (PTI) Eleven leopards have beencaptured over three weeks in Gujarat's Junagadh and Amrelidistricts on suspicion that they are responsible for thedeaths of eight people there since April this year, a seniorforest department official said on Sunday.

The latest among the 11 was a female leopard which wastrapped on Saturday night from the farm of one Kurjibhai Kyadain Manekvada village in Amreli, Chief Conservator of Forests,Junagadh Wildlife Circle, Dushyant Vasavada said.

A leopard was held from Lunghiya village in Amreli onNovember 13 and another in Shivthali village in Junagadh thenext day, over 300 kilometres from here, the official said.

'These leopards have been captured in the regionaround Visavadar taluka of Junagadh, and Dhari and Bagasaratalukas of adjourning Amreli, from where eight deaths havebeen reported due to leopard attacks since April this year,'Vasavada said.

He said scat and pug marks were being analysed to zeroin on the leopards responsible for attacks on humans, addingthat the big cats caught were being kept at the Sasan rescuecentre.

'We suspect these leopards are behind the attacks.

They have been held as a preventive measure, and they are notgoing to be released anytime soon,' the official said.

The decision to catch these leopards was taken lastmonth after a 60-year-old man, identified as Valabhai Maru,was killed in Visavadar.

Prior to this incident, a 5-year-old boy was killed inChampathal village, and two others in Molvel, both in Amrelidistrict. PTI KABNM BNM