Guinness World Records Has Listed 10 Types of Push-ups that You Can do at Home

During these trying times, people are switching to all kinds of routine and lifestyle changes to stay fit. Since there is no access to gyms for work outs, more and more people have adopted the home workout routine.

Recently, the Guinness World Records shared a video with 10 types of push-ups that one can try especially during these days.

In the 7-minutes-38-second long video that has been shared on YouTube, one can see the types and record holders of push up styles. The clip also elaborates how one can follow the particular push-up by explaining its process.

The ten types of push-ups and their record holders who have made maximum repetitions in the style within a minute are as follows:

- Diamond Push-Ups: The record holder is a Chinese man named Hong Zhongtao who completed a total of 88.

- Archer Push-Ups: Niklas Mattern from Germany holds the record in this category for completing 55 repetitions

- One Arm One Leg Push-Ups: Record holder is an Indian named Thounaojam Niranjoy Singh who has done 36 repetitions of the push-up within a minute’s time.

-Four Finger Push-Ups: Deepak Sharma from India has done 70 repetitions of the style in 60 seconds making him the record holder in the category.

- Two Finger Push-Ups: Aremania’s Hrachik Kostandyan, with 57 repetitions is the record holder.

- One Thumb Push-Ups: Clocking 44 push-ups in a minute, Aaron Virabyan from Armenia, nails it to the top.

- Tandem Push-Ups: The record is held by Travis Brewer and Cesar Sosa from the USA who completed 30 push-ups in a minute.

- Behind The Back Claps Push-Ups: Dione Solon completed 46 repetitions of the push-up style to become a record holder

- Handstand Push-Ups: the record holder belongs to Belarus and has done 51 push-ups in a minute. His name is Siarhei Kudayeu.

- Elevated Tiger Bend Push-Ups: Russia’s Manvel Mamoyan is the record holder after completing 13 push-ups in a minute.