Guiding Light: What is Anger?

What is anger? Anger can be positive or negative. Positive anger is acceptable, it needs to channelized with perfection shaped by the power of spirituality. But a majority of the world is suffering from negative anger. This is when you hold a piece of burning coal in your hand, and think that the other person will suffer. This is nothing but pure ignorance as you are reacting to certain situations mindlessly and then suffering for someone else’s mistake. It’s the other person who may be in the wrong but it is us who are angry with ourselves.

If you are in the right, then why are you experiencing anger either at the other person or on yourself? The question that we then need to ask ourselves is can we help ourselves out in such situations? If you believe that there have been many times in your life where you have expended your energies unnecessarily on misplaced anger, then you must be right. Do you think it is possible to work on this subject of anger? The solution to this lies in pursuing the path of spirituality.

By channelling spiritual energies, you will be able to divert the course of your anger into more productive and healthier outlets. The danger of provoking someone into a state of anger is just a matter of clicking a button. In the age of technological maturation, communication is but a feather touch away. Choose to settle any differences in person. Avoid using the medium of texting to resolve more serious issues when it comes to your personal or professional lives.

When you involve yourself in matters that do not concern you, and then get worked up over it, it can be termed as negative anger. This is a waste of your precious time and energies. Social media platforms are also classic examples of such instances. To cite a few examples; political debates, arguments related to personal opinions, religion, and language related discussions are all too common. But do learn to choose when to express your anger. If you are defending your country, or your family from personal attacks, then this can be classified as positive anger – similar to how Lord Hanuman burned Lanka in order to save Sita.

-- By Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Master & Yoga-preneur

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