Guess Who? Married Superstar Is Asking Friends To Cast His Young Girlfriend In Their Ads, Films

Smrity Sharma
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Guess Who? Married Superstar Is Asking Friends To Cast His Young Girlfriend In Their Ads, Films

Can you guess who this married superstar is?

That this married superstar has been dating a much younger co-star is old news now. Though awkward, that is not something that will make us or the industry wallahs raise an eyebrow. We also recently learnt how the actor has ensured that his current muse bags the female lead role in two of his upcoming films.

Even when the filmmakers had another established actresses in mind, the superstar manipulated and got a significant role for his girlfriend in one film, while got one especially written just so she can be part of his film. ‘Not without my girlfriend’ clearly seems to be his mantra right now and Bollywood filmmakers are aware of the fact that if they want to work with the man, they will have no choice but to agree to his terms.

Now, taking this a step ahead, the superstar is also asking his friends from the industry to give work to his girl. Films, ads, cameos, item songs et al. He just wants his lady to be out there and become a face and name to reckon with. Seems like he wants her to be known not just for the affair with a married leading superstar, but also for her work! How romantic and supportive?!?!?


Considering that the superstar takes long breaks between two films, it is only natural for him to want his girl to not lose out on her novelty factor and make the most of her initial days in Bollywood.

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He recently got her a hefty endorsement deal and has been putting in a word for her with his contemporaries, other superstars in the industry. In fact, he also suggested her name to one of his friends, who has some interesting sequels lined up the next few years. Knowing how this friend has never said ‘no’ to friends who have asked for favours, we might just see an official announcement starring the young actress and the married superstar’s superstar friend.