Guauhar Khan Opens Up on Age Difference with Zaid Darbar, Says 'It Never Matters in Our Relationship'

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Celebrity couples with large age gaps often become the talk of the town. The latest TV town couple to face this scrutiny is actress Guauhar Khan and choreographer Zaid Darbar.

Guauhar has been a star even before her winning stint at Bigg Boss 7. Her fiance, Zaid, is singer-composer Ismail Darbar's son. Both share their love-life very actively on their social media handles, and fans adore this adorable couple.

However, this also means opening their private life to the judgement of their millions of fan. Most have pointed out their age difference in comment sections and tweets.

Some have even said Zaid is more than 12 years younger than his bride-to-be, a claim which Guauhar denies. Talking with Etimes, she discussed the age gap with her fiancé with whom she got recently engaged.

"Let me clear this, the age difference that has come out is wrong." Referring to media reports that claim that Zaid Darbar is 25-years-old. Gauahar added, "12 years is wrong and it is very easy for people to make it news. But it is wrong. Yes, he is a few years younger to me but 12 is not the number. He is way more mature than I am and he has brought a sense of balance in my life."

The actress added, "Judging and passing comments that the age gap can act as a barrier in a relationship is very easy, but for Zaid and I, we have a similar kind of understanding and maturity. So, age never matters or hinders in our relationship."

Zaid has also talked similarly about his views on the age gap, citing their understanding and mature relationship. He said in an interview how Guauhar makes him understand things better and they both balance each other.

"I feel we both are mature. We are equal in that terms. There are a few things which she makes me understand. We both balance each other."