Grumpy Cat Dies; Internet's Beloved Feline Who Made People Smile with Her Angry Expression Passes Away at 7

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To a cat more than just a meme and someone who made the world smile with her angry expression, we hope she rests in peace!

If you are a lover of memes then you must have scrolled over and over again over the grumpy cat memes. But the beloved angry face cat of real life has passed away. More popularly known as Grumpy Cat, the real name cat Tardar Sauce passed away on May 14th. This feline's picture shot to fame in the year 2012, when her first glimpses of the angry expression came up online. With the reach of the internet, it did not take long for it to go viral and soon it became a popular meme format, which continues even seven years down the line. And there are chances we will get to see more of the memes now but as a tribute. The cat who hailed from Arizona passed away after complications arose from a urinary tract infection. From Grumpy Cat to Donald Trump, Google Trends Show Steady Increase in Funny Meme Searches Since 2009.

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The news of her passing away was shared on social media and people paid their condolences to the beloved pet. Tabitha Bundesen, the owner of Tarder Sauce said that her facial expression was caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. The viral pictures had the feline making an appearance even on TV shows and had a Christmas film in 2014 too. The cat became a part of pop culture to an extent that Madame Tussauds in San Francisco unveiled a waxwork of her in 2015. Grumpy Cat also has an Instagram account with over 2 million followers. The news of her demise was shared on the social account, she was 7 years old. Cuteness Alert! On International Cat Day 2018, Look at Some Top Followed Cats on Instagram.

Check Tweet About the Passing Away of Grumpy Cat:

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People on Twitter expressed how much the grumpy feline had made them smile and expressed sadness. The Grumpy Cat face had even won the Meme of The Year in 2013. While several memes come and go every few months, this grumpy face has made a place in everyone's hearts. To a cat more than just a meme and someone who made the world smile with her angry expression, we hope she rests in peace!