A Goat, a Sheep and Three Lambs are 'Reclaiming' Land in Turkish Town

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In her novel Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead, Polish Nobel Prize winner in literature, Olga Tokarczuk had written about animals taking revenge from their human counterparts for illegal hunting and deforestation.

It seems something similar is unfolding in real life in Turkey where groups of farm animals are terrorising neighbourhoods with their aggressive behaviour.

A gang of one goat, three lambs and one sheep are roaming openly in the streets of central Turkish city of Nevşehir, attacking humans who come in their way.

A series of CCTV footage was shared by Nevşehir Municipality on Twitter. In the first video, the bulky white ram can be seen pushing a man with its head and as the man tries to shoo it away, it attacks him again. The man then has to move away from the gang as the sheep is accompanied with its fellow animals pals from the farm.

The gang lead by the giant white sheep are also seen entering a building, climbing a few stairs. Two people who were standing outside the building did not expect the gang to climb up the stairs and enter the building. However, the fearlessness of the animals got to them and they ran inside the building.

Another footage shows how a man in a blue shirt is trying to tame the white sheep by holding it from its horns and forcing it to bend down to him. However, the sheep couldn’t be tamed and as soon as the man leaves its horns, it moves towards him and he runs away in fear.

The video has received over 2.7 million views on Twitter, as the official handle tweeted that they posted the video on high demand.

In the following tweet, the municipality of Nevşehir town posted a picture where an official is petting the gang leader white sheep. Captioning the picture, the municipality wrote that the two disputed sides had started with their peace negotiations. “Persuasion negotiations started,” read the caption.

Netizens were totally into this new kind of dispute that the Turks were facing. As one user commented “Humans : 'Staying inside.' Animals : “Its free real estate.”

Indeed it seems that animals are taking over their lost territories as humans battle the coronavirus and stay inside, while some were ready to welcome their new GOAT overlords who might be replacing the human leaders pretty soon.

For some, the issue of street gangs was getting out of hand, as one user commented.