Groom calls his bride 'selfish' during their wedding vows

Photo: James Goff Photography

Wedding vows are a big deal — whether you’re repeating the standard set or reading your own heartfelt words. What happens if you accidentally screw them up? Is it a sign your marriage is doomed? Will your new spouse ever forgive you? In the case of Australian couple Kai and Kasey, it means they’re still laughing about Kai’s flub two years later.

“One of my first lines was supposed to be, ‘Kasey, you are the most selfless person I have ever met,’ but I ended up saying, ‘Kasey, you are the most selfish…,'” Kai tells Yahoo Lifestyle via email. “I immediately realized what I said, and everyone was already laughing. I then said, ‘Soooo, let’s start that again.'”

Photo: James Goff Photography

Kasey was a good sport about it. “She just looked puzzled then burst out laughing along with everyone else,” Kai says. Their photographer, James Goff, captured the moment in a photo Kai recently shared on Reddit.

The fact that this was funny, not horrifying, might be a testament to the couple’s long and steady relationship up until that point. The two met in seventh grade and dated for six months that year (an eternity at that age!). They split, but got back together in 10th grade, when they were both 15 years old, and they’ve been together ever since.

Photo: James Goff Photography

All that history meant that Kai wasn’t the least bit nervous on the day of their wedding at a vineyard in Australia — just maybe a little bit tongue-tied.

If he could hit redo, Kai said he wouldn’t want a flawless wedding. “It really eased the tension and the crowd seemed much more relaxed after a nice laughter outburst,” he says. And to this day, people still tease him about it.

Photo: James Goff Photography

“Whenever she wants to do something selfish she just says, ‘Well you knew about it beforehand, so what’s the problem?'” Kai says. “She never takes offense to it because she is literally the most selfless person I know, so there’s no bit of truth to the statement. She has dedicated her life to becoming a speech pathologist and has always tried to improve other people’s lives, which is really special.”

Now that is a sentiment every bride would love to hear from her spouse.

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