Grisly Photos Show an Olive Python Swallowing a Crocodile Whole In One Bite

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In a reptilian battle of grisly proportions, a python swallowed an Australian freshwater crocodile whole, documented in a series of photographs, courtesy GG Wildlife Rescue Inc, a nonprofit organisation in Australia.

The images were captures near Mount Isam Queensland, by Martin Muller.

This may not be the first time that an crocodile was devoured by a python, finds a Live Science article.

In 2005, a Burmese python in Florida's Everglades National Park was found burst open and dead with an American alligator in its gut.

While the Burmese python can reach staggering lengths of almost 19 feet, the olive python, on the other hand, native to Australia grows up to 13 feet in length and clashes with alligators are common.

The grisly images of the olive python were posted by GG Wildlife Rescue Inc on its Facebook.

In fact, pythons are known for their varied diet and have been found with everything from deer, impalas, other snakes and even prickly porcupines in their bellies.

Turns out pythons are able to swallow prey larger than themselves, thanks to their elastic jaws. The lower jawbones of snakes are divided into two parts, connected by an elastic ligament, which allows the bones to spread apart and help them devour larger prey.

Furthermore, it turns out that pythons also have a genetic adaptation that allows them to digest huge meals all at once, A 2013 research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National

Academy of Sciences found that Burmese pythons can rapidly alter their metabolism after a feed and can even increase the size of their organs to handle the influx of calories.