‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are Pissed About How the Show Has Handled Alex Karev’s Exit

Emma Baty
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Photo credit: Kelsey McNeal - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kelsey McNeal - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Last night’s Grey's Anatomy, unfortunately, continued to hint at Dr. Karev’s (Justin Chambers) departure without actually explaining what the hell will eventually happen to his character. Considering he’s one of the final OGs in the series, fans are pretty upset about how it’s being handled.

Basically, before the show came back from its midseason hiatus, news broke that Chambers was leaving. Fans had plenty of questions about when that would happen. Most shows shoot months ahead of time, so it seemed like we were probably going to get a few more Karev episodes and then he wouldn’t return for the next season. At least, that’s what I assumed. But when the show came back in January, he was noticeably absent.

In the past few episodes, Alex has been “visiting his mom.” And then last night, Jo casually mentioned that he hasn’t been returning her calls. At the end of the episode, she went home to an empty apartment and looked very sad. So it’s still pretty unclear whether fans are actually going to get an explanation about Alex’s exit. And they’re not happy about it.

SEE? They’re not thrilled! The one reassuring thing is that Grey’s does not miss an opportunity for a dramatic-AF exit. Like, plane crashes are not out of the realm of possibility here. It seems like they’d never send off a character like that with just a “He’s not coming back” storyline. Right? RIGHT? Only time will tell, I guess.

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