Great Investor, Andrew Sallee With $65 Million Portfolio Shares His 5 Tips for Success

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It's time to debunk the myth that success comes to the lucky ones. Great businessmen are built by experiences, consistency and perseverance and Andrew Sallee entrepreneur and philanthropist have crafted one story that describes it. From selling rocks door to door to creating his million-dollar company, Andrew had always shared a special bond with entrepreneurial adventures. Further known for his philanthropic spirits, he has been giving back to his community in various ways. While being around him, we would often find him passing on his entrepreneurial wisdom to people and keeping himself active in charitable foundation, Andy's Kids, which is focused on feeding the hungry in the Bettendorf, IA area.

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In the Business world, Andrew has created remarkable investments and success. In the past 17 years, his expertise has brought him closer to some insightful lessons which he thinks are "treasures found." Inspired by those experiences, he has the top 5 learnings to share that can truly help in achieving success.

Leverage the Power of Guidance

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Greatness breeds greatness. Andrew encourages learners and aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the power of learning. All of the best successes do not come from reading for endless hours, but also by getting out there and surrounding yourself with good mentors. "No one can do it alone," says Andrew while emphasizing the importance of guidance by mentors. Be it business, fitness or leadership, having coaches and mentors can accelerate your growth and success in no time.

A Simple Hello can Create Wonders

This goes directly with having mentors. While this is possibly cliche to hear, however, Andrew states the importance of networking and that it can take you a long way. Our personalities are generally a sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with, thus surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who value the importance of hard work and learning can redefine the person you are.

Completing the Incomplete Success

Andrew supports “deeds complete success ”. He believes, resilient efforts and ambitions work great when aligned with the right intentions. You are lucky if you have accomplished countless wins in your life, but you are luckier if you can share that win with others too. When it comes to giving back, Andrew considers himself fortunate enough to share his success with his society. His foundation has been focusing to feed the hungry in his local community which he strives to expand in the near future. He believes success in business can be a pleasant trip when your boat can row others along with you.

If it was easy, everyone could do it

Although people think their plan will unfold results in the timeline they have set, it's a rare occurrence. Well, the truth of entrepreneurship is hard. There will be times when you feel like giving up, however that's the time to embrace new risks and challenges and get going. Enlightened by his journey to success, Andrew encourages entrepreneurs to bond with challenges and risks to outgrow them. The biggest difference between those who are successful and those who are not is the courage to keep up with the risks and perseverance.

Map It & Then Do It

There are numerous ways you can map out your preparation. Although preparation is aligned with hard work, it deserves a special call-out in this section. Andrew explains how investing time in consistent learning, reading and attending events has helped him to master his endeavours. Before making decisions, preparation is crucial. So how do you do that? Seek the power of reading, prepare a checklist of tasks to achieve and most importantly TAKE ACTION on them.

Rising from the world where it was not easy to make the ends meet, today, Andrew's resilient presence and experiences has introduced some influential innovations in the real estate industry. His compelling strategies have often reshaped the conventional ideas of creating success. While he strives to achieve impactful changes with his diverse investments, his promising tips strive to create a new wave of entrepreneurs and leaders for a better future.