‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ on Monday, Here’s How To Watch

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Total Solar Eclipse 2017: All You Need to Know About The Great American Celestial Activity and How Can India Watch it Live

Skygazers, get ready to watch the Total Solar Eclipse, also being called 'The Great American Eclipse', today.

Washington, August 20 USA is geared up to witness a solar eclipse on Monday which will make the skies dark from Oregon to South Carolina. The stretch of darkness will be approximately 113 kms and people in the USA and around the world are eager to have a look at this unforgettable experience that is a rare phenomenon.

Reports suggest that 12 million citizens of America dwell in the region which would go dark for few minutes. The Great American Eclipse will last longer near Illinois. Since 1918, this is the first solar eclipse to cross the United States. The other states of the country will see a partial eclipse.

How to Watch Solar Eclipse

While some of the people would be seeing it with their eyes, NASA has planned live streaming for people around the globe. For those who miss out, NASA will capture images before, during and after the eclipse and share it on social media platforms. Many news channels will also broadcast the live eclipse. One can click on this link to view the live streaming.

For those who live in the States and want to witness live, they have the option of viewing it with Eclipse Glasses, through telescopes and through Pinhole Projection.

Schools cancelled for Aug 21

As per reports, some schools that are about to witness dark skies for few minutes have cancelled classes for the day as they do not want children harming their eyes by looking directly into the sun. The schools do not wish to be blamed if there is some activity going on at that time and if the children look up to the sun without protection then schools would be held responsible. Watching it with a naked eye will cause damage to the retina.