Grazia Beauty Director Launches New Beauty App

Guess what peeps? We’ve got another Monday treat in store for you. Annabel Jones, contributing editor and previous Grazia Beauty Director has been working very hard on a much anticipated beauty app and it launches TODAY! It’s been months in the making and after long nights and lots of challenges, it’s finally arrived. We for one are super excited and you should be too. It’s called Beauty Recommended and the clue is in the title really because its got lots of lovely beauty recommendations as well as a whole lot more. Oh and it's totally free too.

Grazia Beauty Director Launches New Beauty App

Annabel Jones

Beauty Recommended has been made in association with Proctor & Gamble’s e-zine so as you can imagine it’s pretty blooming amazing. It’s got a whole load of fashion and culture related things within it too (although the beauty bits are our favourite, obvs) so will have you amused for hours. You’ll be able to take virtual tours of different London hot spots and can even be guided with an audio tour. Sounds like the future of beauty has arrived - be prepared, it’s really quite cool.

Beauty Recommended is available to downloaded free from iTunes.

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