Here’s What Graphologist Aditi Surana Has to Say About KJo’s Sign

Did you know that a person’s handwriting can be a guide to read his/her mind? Well, I was just as surprised when Graphologist Aditi Surana started reading my mind when she accidentally stumbled upon my handwriting.

Graphology is a study of graphs and a person’s handwriting is like one. It has crests and troughs and the axis like that of a mathematical graph.

Aditi SuranaWhat an ECG is to a doctor is what handwriting is to me. It speaks to me, tells me a person’s deepest secrets. 

Wanna Become Rookie Graphologists?

Every handwriting gives out three broad signals – the way its loops are made, an alphabet’s slant and the flow of each line. Every demarcation is lethal to understanding a person better.

The Loops

According to Graphologist Surana, the above “Y” is symbolic of people who begin things with great enthusiasm but don’t finish it.

The people who have the prefect “y” loop are the people who end the work just as diligently as they started it. These people never falter; whatever targets they set in life, they work around achieving it with utmost effort.

These guys are the wanderers: they would start off and meander half way through the project. They are the sorts who have tons of ideas at any point in time; the implementation, however, may or may not be accurate.

The Alphabet Slants

People with left-slanting handwriting are the introverts. They may take months or even years to become your friends.

The people who draw their alphabets ‘very straight’ are the ‘no-nonsense’ kinds. If they like you, they’d tell you on your face and vice-versa.

The people whose handwriting slants towards the right are the super extroverts. They’re easy to be friends with and love to be in company of others.

The Flow(y) Lines

The people who write very straight are in a perpetual rush.

People whose handwriting flies up are the guys who are ambitious and also in a rush to reach the highest level in the shortest possible time.

If your handwriting slants down on a white piece of paper, then, according to Surana, you are a reservoir of information. You like to keep things to yourself.

The people who suffer from depression also write this way.

Graphologist Surana is available on her website. You can book an appointment with her and get personality advice on a host of things.