Grandma Accidentally Buys Big Packets of Condom Thinking They're Tea Bags! Granddaughter's Hilarious Facebook Post Goes Viral

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Forgetting your spectacles somewhere can often lead to goof-ups for those who just cannot function without them, especially among the older generation. A grandmother's accidental mistake, when she headed to a store to buy groceries and forgot her specs at home, has made her viral. She ended up buying a big box of condoms thinking they are tea bags. Oops! She had to ask her granddaughter to help sell the contraceptives and get some tea instead. The granddaughter took to Facebook to share the hilarious goof up and it has gone viral over a week.

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76-year-old Rosemarie Riley went to Asda to pick up some basic grocery stuff like tea, bread and dog food. But she forgot her specs at home. While picking up some Tetley tea bags she picked up a packet of Durex Ultra Thin Condoms. She only realised the mistake after her husband brought it to her notice. Rosemarie agreed that she was mortified when she understood what she had done and asked her granddaughter if she can get teabags by returning them. "My husband normally does all the shopping but he’s not very well. I don’t care, I just grab whatever’s there, I’m a terrible shopper," she was quoted to a report. Meanwhile, her granddaughter Gemma New posted the innocent mistake on Facebook. Grandad Accidentally Offers Cannabis Cake to Nurses at Warrington Hospital, Gets Them High!

Check The Hilarious Post Here:

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The post is going viral with over 9,000 shares and 7,000 likes. But eventually, Gemma did go to the store and return the condoms. She mentioned that she was just as embarrassed but had to do it. She explained what had happened to the store owners and they were cooperative too. Now the granddaughter is worried about what her gran will get next time she heads out shopping. But hopefully, she will not forget her specs then.