'It's Govt's failure': Priyanka Gandhi on 2nd wave of COVID

In an exclusive interview with ANI on April 21, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra hit at Centre for not executing proper planning to fight with second wave of COVID-19 and called it "government's failure." She also said that the government had time to tackle the situation but they ignored it. She said, "India's production capacity for oxygen is one of the largest in world. Then why is there a shortage? You had 8-9 months (between first and second wave), your own Sero-surveys indicated that a second wave is imminent, you ignored it. You had time. Today, only 2000 trucks in India can transport oxygen. How tragic it is that oxygen is available but it's not reaching where it should. 1.1 million Remdesivir injections were exported in last 6 months. Today, we're facing shortage." She further said, "Government exported 6 crores vaccines between Jan-March. During this time 3-4 crores Indians were vaccinated. Why were Indians not prioritised? Vaccine shortage is due to bad planning, Remdesivir shortage due to no planning, oxygen shortage due to no strategy. It's Government's failure."