Govt Slams Reports of Vaccine Shortage in Rajasthan, Says States are 'Informed of Supply in Advance'

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The government on Tuesday slammed reports alleging COVID-19 vaccine shortage in Rajasthan during the last two days, leading to closing of some vaccination centres.

“It is clarified that the states/UTs had been informed adequately in advance about the total doses that will be made available to them as well as to the private sector hospitals during the month of July 2021,” the release by the government said.

“The States have been advised to plan their COVID -19 vaccination sessions based on the availability of vaccines,” it added.

The government said that by July 1, Rajasthan had over 1.69 lakh unutilised balance doses of vaccines available, and that under the National COVID Vaccination Program, the state has received over 8.89 lakh doses of vaccines between July 1 and 6, free of cost, from the Centre.

“In addition, Rajasthan would receive an additional 39 lakh 51 thousand doses during the remaining part of July 2021. Hence in the entire month of July 2021, Rajasthan will receive more than 50 lakh 90 thousand vaccine doses. This quantity may increase further depending on the production and availability of the vaccine doses,” the GoI said.

The government said states have been requested to indicate to the Union Ministry of Health in case more doses of vaccine are required by them.

“Since the vaccines are a biological product, the process of manufacturing takes time. Once produced, the vaccines are tested for quality and safety. Thus, the manufacturing process to production of vaccine takes time and does not translate into immediate supply,” the government said.

The Rajasthan government had earlier flagged Covid-19 vaccine shortage, saying that no batch of doses was shipped to the state by the Centre on Monday.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Monday that Rajasthan had just 70,000 doses left, adding that the vaccination drive has been stopped in most districts of the state due to unavailability. Gehlot said the central government is not providing required doses to the state, resulting in regular suspensions in vaccinations.

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