Govt’s plans on nation-wide NRC is a conspiracy says AAP

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, Dec 08: The government's plans to implement NRC across the country is a "conspiracy" to target people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh claimed on Saturday.

The party will hold a protest on Sunday at the Jantar Mantar here against the BJP-led central government's plans, he said, adding that the demonstration will be led by the Aam Aadmi Party's purvanchali unit head Gopal Rai.

Purvanchalis are people from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh settled in the national capital and they play an important role in any election here.

Stung by NRC pitch, Bengal BJP to raise awareness on CAB

If the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is implemented across India, where will people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar residing in different parts of the country for decades go as they would not be able to prove their residentship before 1971, Singh, who is a Rajya Sabha member, said.

"Our purvanchali unit headed by Gopal Rai will sit on a protest at the Jantar Mantar on Sunday against the NRC's implementation which the government is planning to carry out in the whole country," he said.

Singh was also part of a meeting of opposition parties that was called to strategise on how to oppose the Citizen (Amendment) Bill in Parliament.

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