Govt owned silk farm in Gorakhpur’s Kusumhi strives to double silk production

Gorakhpur (UP), Mar 17 (ANI): Famous for producing top notch quality malvari silk, Government owned silk farm in Kusumhi is now aiming to double their production as the time advances. 9 km away from Gorakhpur city, this farm has become a good means to generate employment. The silk farm generates business from across country but mainly from West Bengal region. Production of silk is a tedious job indeed. Life cycle of silkworm is only for 1 month, in which it lays around 600 eggs. Which are fed on mulberry leaves and are further processed. Malvari is sold in silk markets ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 500 per kg. Last year alone 10,444 kg of silk was produced which is expected to rise by 10 per cent this year.