Govt Keeping Close Watch on Development of Covid-19 Vaccine, Will Ensure it Reaches Everyone: PM Modi

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PM Narendra Modi in a meeting on Tuesday said that government is keeping a close watch on the development of vaccines and will ensure that the vaccine reaches everyone.

In a virtual meeting of all the state Chief Ministers including that of 8 states- Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc which registered a surge in Covid-19 cases after the recent festival season. The second part of the meeting was focused on vaccine for Covid-19 procurement and distribution.

PM Modi said that the government is keeping a close watch on the development of vaccines and is in contact with Indian developers and manufacturers, along with global regulators, governments of other countries, multilateral institutions and international companies.

The prime minster said that just like the focus in the fight against Covid-19 has been on saving each and every life, the priority will be to ensure that the vaccine reaches everyone.

He assured that the distribution of the vaccine shall be a transparent process. The prime minister also said that the government at all levels will have to work together to ensure that the vaccination drive is smooth, systematic and sustained.

Prime Minister noted that the priority of vaccination is being decided in consultation with the States. The requirements of additional cold chain storages have also been discussed with the States.

In the meeting, he asked Chief Ministers to ensure regular monitoring of State Level Steering Committee and State and District Level Task Force to ensure better results.

He reiterated how the mortality rate in the country has been far below than the other countries. He also highlighted that as we do not know when the vaccine will come, we cannot letter guard down.

Prime Minister Modi requested the citizen to follow the principle ‘jab tak dawai nahin tab tak dhilayeee nahin’.