Govt Increases Bharat Biotech's Vaccine Production Capacity, Ropes in 3 Public Firms Amid Covid Surge

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The Centre on Friday said it will accelerate the development and production of Indigenous Covid vaccines under its Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 Mission Covid Suraksha programme and has roped in three public sector companies as well as upgraded Bharat Biotech’s vaccine capacity amid a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases.

The three companies: Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd, Mumbai, Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), Hyderabad and Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Limited (BIBCOL) have been roped to increase vaccine capacities.

The government in an official release said as a part of this augmentation plan, capacities of Bharat Biotech Limited, Hyderabad as well as other public sector manufacturers are being upgraded with the required infrastructure and technology. Financial support is being provided as a grant from GoI to the tune of appx Rs 65 Cr to Bharat Biotech's new Bangalore facility which is being repurposed to increase the capacity of vaccine production.

The current production capacity of indigenously developed Covaxin vaccine will be doubled by May-June 2021 and then increased nearly 6-7 fold by July – August 2021 i.e increasing the production from 1 crore vaccine doses in April, 2021 to 6-7 crore vaccine dose/month in July – August. It is expected to reach nearly 10 crore doses per month by Sep 2021.

Few weeks back, Inter-ministerial teams had visited the sites of two main vaccine manufacturers in India to get their inputs on how production can be ramped up. In this period, there have been extensive reviews and feasibility studies on the plans being discussed with vaccine manufacturers, the govt said.

Three Public Sector Companies

Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd , Mumbai is a state PSE under the Govt of Maharashtra. Financial support as grant from GoI to the tune of appx Rs 65 Cr will be provided for this facility to be made ready for manufacturing. The Haffkine Biopharmaceuticals Ltd had asked for around 12 months to complete this task. However, the Central government has asked them to expedite and complete the task urgently within 6 months. The facility will have a capacity of 20 million doses per month, once functional.

Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), Hyderabad, a facility under National Dairy Development Board as well as the Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Limited (BIBCOL), Bulandshahr a CPSE under Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India will also be supported to prepare there facility to provide 10-15 million doses per month by Aug – Sep 2021.

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