Do government proposals on changes to Farm Bills address the concerns of farmers? | Times Now i

Things are deadlocked between the govt and farmers continue even now over the 3 farm bills which the govt backs as much-needed reforms. Farmers are not convinced…Now a 6-point offer has been made to try and seek a resolution. So first let's tell you what the main concerns are for farmers, and how the govt plans to address them. Contract farming is one of those and will eventually lead to big corporates taking over the farmer’s land. So here’s the thing. First, the new law itself specifies that land-related provisions can't be written into the contract that the farmer and corporate signs. That is, in the contract, the corporate CANNOT say that if you fail to repay the loan or fail to fulfill your contractual obligations, I, the corporate will take your, the farmer’s land. Also, if the corporate doesn’t pay me what’s due, there’s a provision of him being fined 150% of the outstanding dues. Further, if the farmer is unhappy with the contract, he can move out of it at any point without any penalty. To make it even more waterproof, the govt has proposed that it will insert in the law that companies cannot take a loan on whatever infrastructure they create on farmers' lands AND they can't mortgage such infrastructure for taking loans.