Government Now Wants You to 'Stay Home and Win against Coronavirus' Like Chhota Bheem

The use of popular culture references and social media posts has gone a long way to create awareness about the novel coronavirus. Various government bodies like police organizations have honed their internet skills and put every major cartoon or movie character to use.

The popular cartoon character Chhota Bheem has been roped in by the MyGov Corona Hub as an ideal figure. The official Facebook page of the government app has posted a cartoon strip with Chhota Bheem recently.

In the cartoon, a man from Dholakpur, Bheem’s home in the show, can be seen announcing the winner. As soon as Bheem is announced as the holder of the title, an angry SARS CoV-2 appears wearing red boxing gloves. The green virus goes on to say: “What! He just stayed home and did nothing!” To this, the man replies gleefully, “Exactly!”

A banner has been placed at the end of the strip that reads the message makers have tried to spread through the cartoon – “stay home and win against coronavirus”.

The Facebook page of MyGov Corona Hub has been raising awareness about many follies and common mistakes. In their latest post, they brought attention to those people who were hoarding medical masks. With the widely popular meme of singer Drake, they showed how making your own mask at home was the right thing to do.

Another video posted on their account shows the need to sanitize yourself and your surroundings to keep the chance of contracting COVID-19 away.