Government of India Approved Free Rs 2000 Relief Fund for Each Citizen? PIB Fact Check Finds Viral WhatsApp Message Fake

Kamal Joshi
·2-min read

Since the COVID-19 crisis, social media platforms have become a breeding ground for misinformation. For the last few months, several fake news is being shared on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. In recent, a WhatsApp forward has been doing rounds on the messaging app claiming that the Government of India has approved free Rs 2000 fund for each citizen. Rs 5 Lakh Loan For Women, On 0% Interest, Under PM Dhan Laxmi Yojana? PIB Fact Check Trashes Fake News.

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The message also carries a URL-, while asking users to click on the link to receive the amount. It also carries a note that you can only get credited the relief fund once. Each Citizen Will Get Rs 7,500 Cash as Relief Fund? PIB Fact Check Finds Viral WhatsApp Message Fake.

“The Government has finally approved and have started giving out free Rs.2,000 Relief Funds to each citizen. Below is how to claim and get yours credit Instantly as I have just did now Note : You can only claim and get credited once and it's also limited so get your now Instantly," the claim reads.

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Dismissing the claim, PIB Fact Check called it fake news. No such proposal has been announced by the government. "The fraud link given is a Clickbait. Beware of such Fraudulent websites and WhatsApp forwards," PIB Fact Check tweeted.

Here's the tweet by PIB:

Hence, the message being circulated on WhatsApp about government approving Rs 2000 for each citizen is fake and leads to a dubious website. Citizens are advised to not click on fraud link.