Government committed to combating terrorism: Rahul Gandhi

Bhubaneswar, July 14 (ANI): Congress General Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that it was virtually impossible to stop all terrorist attacks, though every attempt was being made by the government and security agencies to do so.

Gandhi said 99 percent of militant attacks on the country would be prevented, but one percent might still get through.

"We will stop 99 percent of the (militant) attacks. But one percent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying," he told mediapersons here, a day after the serial blasts in Mumbai.

Gandhi appreciated the initiatives taken by Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram in combating militant attacks and described them as 'responses in an organised manner'.

To further substantiate his stand, he cited the steps taken by America to combat militancy.

"I mean the U.S. is currently-except the U.S. is currently involved in Afghanistan and in Iraq, but there are attacks every single day, on them. Not in U.S., but on them. So there the war has moved. So the war is taking place, their soldiers are now taking the brunt, but it is that they are fighting in Afghanistan and they are losing people in Afghanistan," he added.

At least 18 people were killed over 130 others were injured in the three blasts that took place in Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

The three serial blasts rocked Zaveri Bazaar, a popular jewellery market, the busy business area around Opera House and the crowded Deader area of Central Mumbai between 6.45 p.m. and 7.04 p.m.

All major cities across the country have been placed on high alert. (ANI)