When 'GoT' Writer George RR Martin Unwittingly Fulfilled a Dying Fan's Wish

While stories of celebs giving in to their fans' going out of their way to appease fans are common, here's why this one was special.

While the world goes into total frenzy over the final season of Game of Thrones, writer George RR Martin is making the headlines for a completely different reason. Turns out, Martin had unknowingly fulfilled the last wishes of a dying man. The incident has been shared on Twitter by the man's friend, and it has gone viral since.

Dan Fogelman, the producer of the popular sitcom, This Is Us, has shared the heartwarming incident on Twitter. In 2017, Dan and his friend Alex Hanan had plans to attend a Bruce Springsteen show at Broadway in 2017. Little did they know that that the night would turn out to be one of the most memorable ones of their lives.

Alex, the friend, had reached early and was waiting for Dan when he spotted George RR Martin in the crowd. Although Dan desperately begged Alex not to make a fool of himself by approaching the legendary writer, the latter refused to see reason.

Alex, a die-hard fan of GoT, not only approached Martin, but also managed to exchange phone numbers and Martin ended up inviting Alex and Dan for dinner. Dan, who was initially embarrassed, later admitted that he had a good time with Martin and his wife.

Everything seems hunky dory, right? While stories of celebs giving in to their fans' wishes and going out of their way to appease them are common, here's why this one was special.

Fogelman reveals in his tweets that his friend, Alex, had been suffering from stage four lung cancer and that he passed away a year later. But as Alex repeatedly said later, that night with his "hero" was his most cherished memory.

Fogelman also spoke fondly of his friend, and how he missed him terribly. He also spoke about the importance of kindness, and how a seemingly ordinary but sweet gesture on Martin's part fulfilled a dying man's wishes.

Fogelman's story had a lot of users hooked, who were left teary-eyed by the end of it. In fact, many thanked him for sharing such a beautiful story about Martin. Martin, who did not know about Alex's ailment, is yet to respond to the story.