Google Trends Show Searches for 'Climate Change' Went Up Post Australian Bushfires

In recent times, Australia saw one of the biggest and unprecedented bushfires unfolding on its soil, that has so far claimed thousands of lives of animals including koalas, wallabies and kangaroos.

The predicament saw its deadliest phase in the last three months, with the raging fire engulfing acres and acres of flora and fauna.

In a recently released data by Google Trends, it shows that in the last three months and "since the beginning of the #Bushfire season in Australia, search interest for #ClimateChange has surged."

In another tweet Google revealed that the debate to ascertain "the underlying causes and severity of the fires" has seen search interest for #HazardReduction increase too.

According to the Guardian, the Australian Prime Minister had claimed that the bushfires are an outcome of the persistent climate change. However, the conservative media agreed to disagree with their focus on a mismanaged 'hazard reduction' — which deals with the process of clearing forest floors by prescribed and controlled firing.

In more tweets, Google said, "Misinformation spread online via bots has, in part, fuelled interest for #HazardReduction in Australia in recent months, but just how big an impact has this had?"

However, it further revealed, "We can’t share exact numbers, but we can show you how search interest for these topics stack up against one another. The long and the short of it is: Australians are consistently searching for #ClimateChange more than #HazardReduction."

In an end, in a graphic depiction, Google exhibited how since October 2019, the searches for climate change soared higher than hazard reduction, which is "more than four times the daily average for 'hazard reduction'."