Google search results show 'significant racial discrimination': Report

London, Feb 5 (ANI): Google search results contain "significant discrimination" according to the perceived race of the people whose names are typed in, a study has revealed.

According to Harvard professor Latanya Sweeney, names typically associated with black people were more likely to produce ads related to criminal activity.

In her paper, Prof Sweeney suggested that Google searches might expose "racial bias in society".

According to the BBC, the study analysed the type of advertisements that appeared on Google when certain names were searched for.

The investigation suggested that names linked with black people, as defined by a previous study into racial discrimination in the workplace, were 25 percent more likely to have results that prompted the searcher to click on a link to search criminal record history.

According to the report, Prof Sweeney noted that one possible cause for such search results might be Google's "smart" algorithms, technology which automatically adapts advertising placement based on mass, user habits. (ANI)