Google Search design has been refreshed to give it a more News Feed-like look

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Google says that the redesign is coming first to mobile and will be rolling out over the next few days.

Google has unveiled some design changes to Search on mobile devices.

As announced on the company's official blog, with the new design in place, you will now see a website's branding front and center. For instance, when you see a news article by tech2, you will notice the brand logo above the headline. This can be helpful to better understand where the information is coming from. And if you are a publisher, Google says, you will also be able to choose your prefered icon for organic listings.

Additionally, as part of the changes, when you search for a product or service and Google feels there is a "useful" ad that it can include in the results, you will soon start to see an ad label in bold at the top of search results card.

For the ads too, the web address will be included, so you can quickly determine its source.

Notably, these design changes and ad labels will also allow Google to add more action buttons and previews to search results cards, especially that Google's goal has always been to let you do everything from buying movie tickets to playing podcasts right there from within the results.

Google says that the redesign is coming first to mobile and will be rolling out over the next few days.

Recently, Google Podcasts also starting showing up on the web for iOS and Android on a number of devices. The feature shows podcast results with relevant episodes instead of just the title. One can listen to it directly from within the search results page or save an episode for later.

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