Google Play Store Won't Send App Update Notifications Anymore

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Google Play, the official app store for Android, not only is a window for users to innumerable apps but is also the place that notifies them when an app is updated and is usually done automatically. However, a new report has now revealed that the Play Store is no longer going to show notifications for updated apps. People, who have Android phones, would know that if auto-update is turned on for them, the Play Store updates all the pending apps as soon as one plugs it into a charger.

They also revealed that the issue started with Play Store v17.4 but continued over to versions 17.5 as well. A Reddit user u/xnifex also posted that app updates, as well as notifications for apps that were auto-updated, have gone missing on Play Store version 17.6.19 on both a Pixel XL running Android Pie and a Pixel 3a as well.

However, according to several threads on Reddit, a number of users posted queries stating that the Google Play Store is not providing updates on app upgradation anymore. A Google spokesperson provided a clarification, stating that the absence of Play Store notifications for updated apps was a deliberate move on the part of Google.