Google Pixel 4 ‘Mini’: A Google Flagship People Might Really Want

Usually, smartphone companies focus on releasing two variants for a flagship smartphone. One that has all the top specs and maximum storage which the second variant misses out on, besides some camera specifications and level of battery juice.

The Google Pixel 4 is expected to launch this October.

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is a compact 5.8-inch smartphone, shows that companies are now looking to experiment with a third variant in the line-up and it seems Google is looking to follow suit.

There have been reports that Google is working on a 5-inch flagship smartphone that could launch as the Google Pixel 4 Mini.

If launched, the ‘Google Pixel 4 Mini’ will be in lines of what Apple has done with the iPhone SE.

Big or small? Which one would you pick?

The phone will undoubtedly be ultra-compact and portable enough to use with just one hand. What's more important is that it will not compromise of some of the essential features a flagship should have much like a powerful processor and RAM.

The Google Pixel 4a is expected to come with a single lens camera at the back.

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Smartphone sizes have been growing out of proportion and sometimes reach a level what many would define as "unnecessary". This is one of the reasons that big-screen phablets didn't survive for long.

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This is an unexplored space for smartphones which can easily fit into the pocket and still carry powerful hardware and it seems that Google is looking to tap into that space with the ‘Mini’ or what many are calling the Google Pixel 4a.

The upcoming compact Pixel smartphone is rumoured to sport a bezel-less display, a single lens rear camera and a similar design philosophy to the Pixel 4.

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